Marinšek (Marinsek)

Physicist & Author

Synthesis of elements by helium and oxygen building blocks Bohr atomic model untenable No empirical evidence for electron orbitals Atoms are structured composites of hydrogen atoms Periodicity of periodic table elements due to genesis of element formation

Atomic magnetic moments due to hydrogen constituents of the atom,
not due to angular momenta of electron orbital and spin motions.
In atomic fusions magnetic moments are conserved
High temperature element fusion untenable
There is no direct experimental evidence for the existence of electron orbitals.
If orbitals are presupposed, atomic fission is not causally explainable. Electron orbitals
are imaginary, so they cannot determine the location of an element in the periodic table.
There is neither evidence for nuclear neutrons nor for Z protons and Z shell electrons
where Z is the atomic number.
The Stern-Gerlach experiment is not a verification of the total angular momenta of shell
electrons but a measurement of magnetic moments. The net magnetic moment is due to
unpaired hydrogen atoms. The atom is not a composition of a nucleus and an electron
shell. The compact atom is a structure of hydrogen atoms (Prout 1819).