Marinšek (Marinsek)

Physicist & Author

Electron Orbitals imaginary

Rutherford’s unrealistic interpretation of scattering results whereby
atoms consist of nuclei surrounded by electrons in empty space
Observations did of electronic orbitals not succeed. If there are no extra nuclear
electrons, then the standard atomic model is history.
Bonding and conducting electrons, neutrons, neutrinos, the periodic table according
to fillings of atomic shells,… then are also history.
Hydrogen: An electron does not surround a proton but is coupled to it.
Atoms consist of coupled hydrogen’s according to Prout.
Electrons are not bonding agents. Bonds are made of hydrogen.
Metals are massive lattices and not a set of nuclei plus whirling electron clouds.
Other articles of the author deal with the failures of Chadwick and Pauli in establishing
neutrons and neutrinos and furthermore with the failure of Moseley in establishing
numbers of electrons, neutrons and protons of atoms