Marinšek (Marinsek)

Physicist & Author

Bohr-Moseley atomic model refuted

Atoms don’t comprise nuclei and electron shells

Nuclei don’t comprise Z protons and (A – Z) neutrons Electron shells don’t exist The compact atom consists of hydrogen atoms Their number is identical with mass number A

Nuclear reactions refute the nuclear and electronic shell model: Uranium fission is the most convenient example to show the failure of the Bohr- deBroglie-Moseley atomic model. At the moment where uranium breaks apart, the 92 electrons crash into the fragments of the former nucleus. Nobody explained so far how a resurrection of the new orbitals of the fragments occurs… Furthermore the fragments cannot be described as neutral elements in terms of the Bohr model.

β plus decay refutes the Bohr model

Not any evidence for nuclei that comprise Z protons

Fission of heavy atoms refutes Moseley’s law and the electronic shell structure of the Bohr model