Marinšek (Marinsek)

Physicist & Author

Axiomatics of mechanics. Nature of inertia. Mass = number of H-atoms

The axiomatic presentation of mechanics is based on indefinable, fundamental notions from which the other notions can be defined. What is meant by undefined basic concepts? We cannot define all concepts in a logical manner (by words) because this would go to infinity. We don’t define some concepts by using other concepts but we introduce these primitive concepts by reference: This one! is movement, this one! This is force…

Axioms are indemonstrable propositions. From axioms theorems can be demonstrated. In order to understand rational mechanics, an axiomatic presentation is necessary.  Category mistakes in mechanics: The danger of hypostatizing concepts: To hypostatize: to conceive a relation as an existing being. Hypostasis of a concept means a concretization, the erroneous assignment of qualities of things to relations. Example: time is not a physical process with a flux-velocity but only a relation. Space cannot expand, it is a relation, not a thing.